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MyHousing Web Suite

Streamline your application and housing selection processes with our housing student self-service web interfaces. Have your students apply for housing online. Students can also search for and select roommates and their rooms through our online room selection processes.

Our web interfaces are designed to give you flexibility in their function and appearance. They are dynamic such that a change in settings you make in The Housing Director immediately appears to your students. No more contacting IT to make minor changes! Look and feel is customizable for your campus web portal, so it appears to be part of your campus web site. Single-sign-on integration is easy and can be accomplished with most portal solutions.

ApplyOnline: Online Housing Applications

ApplyOnline allows your students to sign their housing contract, indicate personal preferences, provide emergency contact information, specify living preferences, and pay their housing deposit in one stop.

Criteria can be set on housing applications so that only specific student populations can complete applications for which they are eligible. ApplyOnline also time and date stamps each application so that you can prioritize housing assignments or lottery numbers by the date that the application was received.

MyHousing: Feature List

The MyHousing self-service system allows your students to select roommates, select rooms, change their personal preferences, view their current and future assignments, purchase dining plans/points, and much more. Every aspect of the system is easily controlled from within The Housing Director without the need for any IT involvement or coding skills.

Roommate Search/Selection

Students go online to select their roommates directly. At the time of room selection, the system automatically checks to make sure all of the roommate choices match each other, so that a student cannot pick a room if one of their choices did not reciprocate and pick them.

Students can also utilize the Advanced Roommate Search to find roommates that match their personal traits, academic habits, or any other attribute you allow students to search for/match on.

Room Selection

MyHousing allows you to manage a full online room selection process, allowing students to re-select their current room or search real-time for available rooms for themselves and their roommate group. The real-time online room selection is a time-based process, whereby student roommate groups receive a starting time (based on a lottery/priority number) when they are allowed to go to the web and choose a room. They have until the end of the selection process to actually make their selection. Upon submitting the room selection, the roommates are assigned to the room and specified associated room charges are added to their billing record. Students can also view floor plans and room type photos.

Some items that can easily be set by your staff:

  • blocks of time during which the lottery will occur
  • date/time when student must select their roommates
  • which specific students are allowed to participate in each selection
  • which specific rooms/suites are available for selection in this process
  • which fields students can use to search for available rooms
  • whether the student roommate group has to fill the room or suite
  • whether the process a general room/suite selection or just for room re-selection (squatting/retention)
  • amount of time that passes between groups of students picking online
  • and more...


Students can view their current and future dining plans and points. They can also request a dining plan change and actually purchase additional dining points online.


Student can submit maintenance requests online as well as check on the status of any pending requests for their room.

Waiting Lists

Students can see where they are (their current relative position) on any waiting lists.


Students can view their current and future residence life charges and credits.


DeskStaff is designed specifically for desk staff workers and resident assistants. Staff is able to search for students and view the room assignment for that student, when they are supposed to be checking in and out, their phone number and PO box, any roommates they have, and whether those roommates have moved in/out of the room.

Staff is then able to click a button to check the student in or out (depending on the situation). The system then determines if the student should be prorated for moving in early or leaving late. This determination can be based on whether the student is a member of a particular student group (i.e. the basketball team) that is supposed to be checked in early, and is therefore not prorated an extra charge. The desk staff worker simply clicks the button, and the system does the rest. S/he can then print a receipt for the student giving the exact time that they checked in or out of the room. Desk staff workers can also record key numbers issued as well as whether or not a key was returned.

Checking in and out can also be completely self-service as well. ExpressCheck allows students to check in or out of their room assignment using their student ID card. ExpressCheck follows all of the early arrrival and billing proration rules that DeskStaff does, but without staff intervention. ExpressCheck is perfect for unattended front desks or busy centralized check in/check out processes.