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Residence Life Cinema offers a customizable channel that will both entertain and inform students living on campus. Choose from thousands of hit movies each month from the largest movie library in the industry. Then pair the most in-demand films with our library of programming resources to enhance the on-campus living experience. Residence Life Cinema is the exclusive distributor for many major Hollywood and Independent studios and is a division of Swank Motion Pictures, the world's largest non-theatrical distributor of motion pictures for public performance.


Off Campus Partners is the leader in helping universities serve off-campus students. Since 2000, we have been helping the nation's leading colleges and universities improve service to students, collect better information about the off-campus housing process and costs, and operate self-funding off-campus housing services. We provide hosted software and support, off-campus housing listings, and educational resources to embed in the university website; the university promotes the service to off-campus students, parents, and faculty/staff. We currently partner with over 70 colleges and universities across the country to serve the needs of their off-campus students.


Compatibility’s Roommate Connect solution is a revolutionary, research-based method for roommate matching, combining the art and science of relationships to reliably predict compatibility. The flexible platform allows property managers to customize the questionnaire and accommodates diversity of gender. Residents receive rank-ordered, recommended matches (blending similarities and differences) and information to inform their selection. The complex algorithms match both pairs and groups of residents, thereby relieving the burden placed on property managers to randomly determine who should live together in a unit. With responsive technology, a resident may manage their user experience anytime, anywhere, on any device.


GradGuard™ is on a mission to help families protect their investment in Higher Education. They accomplish this by providing a technology platform for schools to help ensure families are aware and further educated of their financial risk while attending college. Working with over one hundred colleges and university partners, GradGuard has pioneered a process that provides both a resident benefit and method to verify that each campus resident acknowledges their understanding of the institution’s policy regarding personal liability and damaged or stolen property. The GradGuard College Renters Insurance program provides essential education messages that could otherwise be overlooked within a housing lease or otherwise misunderstood.